Subspace-projection-based networked radar inhibition pressing type main lobe interference method



The invention discloses a subspace-projection-based networked radar inhibition pressing type main lobe interference method which mainly solves the problem that single station radars only can restrain one type of interference. The subspace-projection-based networked radar inhibition pressing type main lobe interference method comprises steps of 1, computing base band receiving signals of all node radars, enabling the base band receiving signals to be aligned on the time domain with interference signals serving as the standard and obtaining a node radar array signal; 2, estimating the covariance matrix of the node radar array signal, performing characteristic decomposition on the covariance matrix, constructing noise subspace according to a characteristic decomposition result and computing the projection matrix of the projection of the noise subspace; 3, projecting the node radar array signal to the noise subspace and obtaining a projection vector which is used for target detection; 4, constructing a generalized likelihood ratio function according to the projection vector which is used for the target detection; 5, setting the detection threshold, comparing values of the generalized likelihood ratio function at any moment with the detection threshold and obtaining an output result of the target detection. The subspace-projection-based networked radar inhibition pressing type main lobe interference method can effectively restrain the interference signals in different types and can be used to a networked radar system.




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