Yarn feeding device for loom



The invention discloses a yarn feeding device for a loom. The yarn feeding device comprises a loom body (1), a base plate (2) rotationally arranged at the front end of the loom body (1), a plurality of annularly arranged fixed bars (3) fixedly arranged on the base plate (2) and extending outwards vertical to the base plate (2), and a motor (7) arranged on the top of the loom body and driving the base plate (2) to rotate; the base plate (2) is provided with a driving part (4) for driving the fixed bars (3) to vibrate in the middle of the fixed bars (3); and the loom body (4) is provided with an electric conduction part for the driving part (4) to run. The fixed bars are vibrated by the driving part, so that yarns wound on the fixed bars are separated from the fixed bars sequentially, and the yarn feeding device can avoid a phenomenon that the yarns are wound unevenly compared with the traditional yarn feeding device.




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