Interruption prewarning method and device in SON (Self Organization Network) system



The invention discloses an interruption prewarning method in an SON (Self Organization Network) system, and a device for realizing the prewarning method. The method comprises the steps: the SON system measures data parameters from eNodeBs, UEs (User Equipments), O&M and the like at a fixed period, and obtains processed measurement data through processing original data to form an N-dimensional measurement data space; the SON system calculates a classification boundary and a center of a super sphere body by using a support vector description algorithm according to the original measurement data, and establishes a support vector data description algorithm part; new measurement data samples are classified, and input to the support vector data description algorithm part to obtain an output result; and finally, whether interruption is generated is judged according to the output result, and whether warning is sent is determined. By adopting the method provided by the invention, interruption prewarning in the SON system is better realized, and interruption is immediately found out and warned in the SON system.




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