Terrace shaped propagation reef for aquatic organism resources and manufacturing method thereof



The invention provides a terrace shaped propagation reef for aquatic organism resources, wherein a small artificial terrace (5) which is provided with grooves grade by grade is installed on a prismoid comprising four surfaces, and the arranging depth of the grooves of the artificial terrace is smaller than the width (3). The upper bottom surface of the prismoid is in a concaved disc shape, and the complete body is a hollow ladder-shaped pyramid shape comprising four surfaces. The manufacturing method of the invention comprises the following steps: manufacturing the mould of each part; casting and forming or other processing and forming; and assembling. The invention has the following advantages: the structure is simple, and the design is scientific; because of the hollow pyramid shape design, the building materials are saved, and because of the gradual terrace shaped design, various of aquatic plants are suitably transplanted; and because the asexual reproduction number of the roots and the stalks of the transplanted aquatic plants are increased in the space of each grade of the small terrace, the transplanting effects are improved, and the practicability and convenience are large. The transplanted aquatic plants can luxuriantly grow on the terrace shaped aquatic organism resources propagation reef designed by the invention, which promotes the abundance of aquatic animals, maintains the aquatic organism resources, and protects the water area environment; and the invention is economical and practical, so it can be widely popularized.




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