Bubbling bioreactor used for plant tissue culture



The invention discloses a bubbling bioreactor used for plant tissue culture. The bioreactor comprises a bioreactor main body composed of an upper spherical cap structure and a lower cone structure in connection; upper sight glass and lower sight glass arranged on the side wall of the bioreactor main body, a top cover equipped with a lamp mirror and connected to the spherical cap top, an inoculation port, a feeding port, an exhaust cooler interface and an electrode interface installed on the top cover; a temperature control jacket mounted outside the cone structure, an annular gas distributor disposed at the bottom of the cone structure and connected to an air inlet, a discharge sampling valve in connection with the bottom end of the cone structure. The bioreactor main body is connected toan air compressor through an air filter and an air filtration pot in order. The main body of the invention is in a nearly spherical structure, and the disadvantage that bubbles are likely to be generated during tissue culture in present bioreactors can be overcome, so that the influence of volatile substances like carbon dioxide gas in the bubbles on plant cells can be avoided. Also the bioreactor of the invention has a small shearing force on plant cells, tissues and organs.




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