Coating device



The invention provides a coating device. The coating device comprises a die coater (5) equipped in a way to face towards a conveying wire (10) for conveying feeding materials (2) and having a pair of slit-shaped outlets (6a, 6b) and a pair of inlets (7a, 7b) respectively communicated with the outlets; a first supplying part (40) supplying a first liquid (8) for forming adhesive to one (7a) of the inlets; and a second supplying part (60) supplying a second liquid (9) for forming adhesive by contacting with the first liquid to the other inlet (7b), wherein, the pair of outlets of the die coater is separately equipped along the feeding material conveying direction A of the conveying wire (10) and located adjacent to each other. The first liquid and the second liquid immediately contact with each other after discharged respectively from an outlet. Therefore, the coating device can easily perform preparation work and keep the coating face smooth when laminated products are manufactured through two-liquid solidifying type solvent-free adhesive.




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