Ejection small cam for fastener machine



The invention relates to an ejection small cam for a fastener machine. The ejection small cam comprises a left platform, a right arc-shaped inclined surface as well as a left fixed hole and a right fixed hole which are respectively arranged on the left platform and the right arc-shaped inclined surface, wherein the right arc-shaped inclined surface and a thimble work together for butting and ejecting fasteners; and the left fixed hole and the right fixed hole are used for fixing the bottom surface of the small cam to an ejection central rod of a fastener machine. The invention has the beneficial effects that: the ejection small cam is in a semi-circle shape, and an arc-shaped surface is arranged at the centre, thus the thimble and parts of the whole machine are difficult to damage, the production efficiency is improved, and the enterprise benefit is improved. The small cam is only provided with a right arc-shaped inclined surface, and the right arc-shaped inclined surface and the thimble can work together in a coordinated way for butting and ejecting fasteners.




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