USB-head interface device and equipment containing same



The invention provides a USB-head interface device, which comprises a USB-head component, a pull rod seat, an elastic fastener and a pull rod, wherein the pull rod seat comprises a first positioning groove formed on the inner wall of the pull rod seat; the elastic fastener is arranged on the inner wall of the pull rod seat; the pull rod is elastically arranged in the pull rod seat and comprises a first positioning bar and a rotating shaft, the first positioning bar is arranged on the outer wall of the pull rod and has a structure adaptive to the first positioning groove, and the rotating shaft is inserted into two first through holes on the second end of the pull rod to connect the pull rod and the USB-head component; and the elastic fastener has a gear engagement structure. The invention also provides equipment containing the USB-head interface device. In the invention, the structure connecting the USB-head of the USB interface device and the USB main body is simple and easy to use.




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