Plant-based antibacterial and production method thereof



The invention belongs to an antibacterial, in particular to a plant-based antibacterial and a production method thereof. The antibacterial is prepared by physically crushing and mixing 20 to 63 weight percent of rheum officinale, 5 to 10 weight percent of turpentine, 5 to 10 weight percent of aloe, 17 to 40 weight percent of golden cypress bark, 5 to 10 weight percent of saponin and 5 to 10 weight percent of root of melia azedarach linn; immersing the mixture in ethanol; and concentrating. When used, the plant-based antibacterial is very stable and forms bacteriostatic thin films on thesurface of plants after being sprayed and contacted with the target plants so as to effectively kill germs and control the spread of the disease. In the invention, the raw materials are rich, the production method is simple, the plant-based antibacterial is cheap, convenient, environmentally-friendly, free from arousing medicine resistance and safe to human beings and livestocks, can be used for preventing and controlling various diseases such as powdery mildew, downy mildew and anthracnose in crops such as vegetables, fruits, flowers and plants.




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