CPT (Coherent Population Trapping) atomic clock


The invention relates to a CPT (Coherent Population Trapping) atomic clock which comprises a first physical unit, a second physical unit and a third physical unit, wherein the first physical unit comprises a laser, a flat convex mirror and a quarter wave plate; the second physical unit comprises a Polaroid set; the third physical unit comprises an Rb bubble air chamber and a photoelectric detector; the laser outputs round polarized light through the flat convex mirror and the quarter wave plate; and the round polarized light sequentially passes through the Polaroid set and the Rb bubble air chamber to the photoelectric detector. In the invention, the first physical unit, the second physical unit and the third physical unit have the advantages of compact and firm structure, convenience of debugging and strong adaptability and are particularly in an integrated design of a magnetic shielding device. The invention realizes the optimization design of the physical units with a miniaturization requirement under the condition of low micromachining process at present and has the advantages of low cost, high stability, convenience of debugging, small size and low power consumption.




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